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Toni's Oatmeal

Spiced Apple Walnut Pancake & Waffle Mix - protein and balanced macros

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Delicious for any time of year, this pancake and waffle blend is fluffy yet substantial. Featuring balanced macro-nutrients to keep you satiated for hours–from the freshly-ground whole rolled oats, aromatic and comforting fall spiced apples, and  healthy fats from the flaxseed and crunchy walnuts. Each pancake boasts about 8 grams of protein. And to add just a touch more sweetness, I use plant based, natural sweeteners including Monkfruit, Stevia and Erythritol to complete the great taste without adding the calories.

Eat it hot or as a grab and go meal from your fridge, it is delicious either way.

All my pancake and waffle mixes have zero added sugars (less than one gram), are low sodium low or zero saturated fat and balanced macronutrients to keep you full for hours, without the guilt.

Wheat free and gluten friendly.