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Toni's Oatmeal

Chocolate Mint Brownie Crunch Granola Clusters - Protein and balanced macros

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Love granola, but don’t love the added sugar and calories? Try TONI’s new Balanced-Macro Protein Granola Clusters. It has HALF the calories and FIVE times the protein as traditional granola. You can enjoy a much larger serving for the same calories. Each very filling, 1/2 cup serving is 149 calories and almost 10 grams of protein.

How’s this different? Balanced macros means that each serving has the right proportion of lean, highly-bioavailable protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to metabolize slowly and keep you full and fueled for hours. Balancing your macros is important, it helps you regulate your blood sugar, keeps you satiated for longer, and gives you the nutrients you need to help improve body composition.

This flavor is reminiscent  of Starbucks at Christmastime, with it’s rich, chocolaty crunchy goodness and aromatic peppermint notes. Enjoy your protein granola with milk or almond milk, sprinkled over Greek yogurt or just by the hand-full! It’s absolutely delicious.

Five 1/2 cup servings per pouch.