Is “Organic” Worth it?

If you can afford it, the short answer is yes. Conventional agricultural practices are harmful for the environment, and have caused nutrient depletion in our foods, meaning that there are significantly fewer vitamins and minerals in a slice of tomato today than before. GMO monocrop production, the overuse of pesticides and glyphosate, and the continuous tilling of our soils are all contributing factors. In addition to nutrient depletion, the ingestion of pesticides and glyphosate poses great risk to our health. Glyphosate specifically harms our microbiome and is linked to disease. For more information, here is a great podcast by Dr. Mark Hyman about the topic.
Some foods are more sprayed than others- think about the composition of the fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes that you eat. If it has a protective barrier like a watermelon, onion, or avocado it’s likely to have less pesticide residue. Anything from apples to beans, to peppers, you’re much better off buying organic. Seeking organic also applies to dairy and meat products. You are what you eat, and if the animal is eating conventional feed, it too is suffering similar consequences.
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